The future of

The future of

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Evolve or die, I can’t remember who exactly said it, but never before has a saying opitomised the current situation of the UK Radio industry.

Ever since the growth of the world wide web, users now have virtually all tools required at the tip of their fingers and a good enough internet connection.

Here at lightning, we are constantly trying to work out new ways inwhich to ‘Evolve’ and continue to grow as a brand, a station and as a business.


Whats on the horizon

The lightning App is currently undergoing a complete overhall. New features, new functions and of course still radio/music/community centric.

Jobs board is something that we know will be of value to the reader and follewer of lightning. We hope to promote vacancies across the board as well as promoting budding young and older entrepreneurs.

Feedback forms, Whataspp Messeges, interactive polls – all these are to help us deliver and create content that is of worth and worthy to share

In a world where ‘Mobile first’ must be considered in regards to design, build and creation. We have embraced technology and continue to use it to move forwards with innovation..