Profile : Soul Du Jour

Shawn smith aka Soul Du Jour

Shawn grew up in south london and is heavily influenced by the early explosion of UK Soul back in the 80’s.

Soul 2 Soul and Caron Weeler were at there peak when Shawn decided to follow a path into the DJ business.

Playing Neo soul and independant beats is where you find Soul Du Jour, whom himself would tell you its a journey…

You are apart of a Sound System Who are they?

Indulge Family
Chidi Digital and D science

How did you arrive at the name Soul Du Jour?

Started early teens following a sound called Livv Good which was my mates uncle sound system at the time

It was a marketing specialist friend ‘inspire ur biz’ who rebranded me – hence Soul Du Jour.

What do you love about the business?

Tell The buzz of seeing people leaving their cares, worries, letting their hair down and enjoying themselves whilst I play

If your house was on fire and you could only save one which one would you save: Your Records or Your Passport?

My Records

Cake & Custard or Cake & Ice Cream

Cake & Custard

Hip Hop, Reggae or Soul?


If you had three wishes what would they be?

Financial freedom, health and happiness

If you had £10 million pounds what would you do with it?

Buy my mumma her dream house, invest it in a lucrative so my immediate family wouldn’t worry about money again and travel

What is the best piece of advice to share?

Play the fool to catch the wise, manners will carry you go far, stay focused, stay positive and try to be humble


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Who's your Top 10 Artists

Conya Doss
Michael Jackson
Jill Scott
Luther Vandross
Erykah Badu
Public Enemy

Your Top 10 Albums of all time

Jamiroquai -travelling without moving
Michael Jackson -off the wall
Common -like water to chocolate
Jill Scott – words and sounds vol.1
Maxwel l-urban hang suite
Omar -there’s nothing like this
Adrianna Evans -El Camino
Public Enemy -it takes a nation of millions
the notorious b.i.g .-ready to die
Erykah Badu -mamas gun

Favorite 10 Tunes

Frank Mccomb-Love Natural
Dennis Brown-Someone Specia
Yarborough & Peoples-come to me
Willie Hutch-love me back
Public Enemy-welcome to the terrordome
Mary J. Blige-Cant get you off my mind
Don Blackman-hearts desire
Bob Marley-could this be love
Jodeci-x’s we share and New Edition-if it isn’t love

Catch Soul Du Jour

TUESDAYS: 20:00 – 23:00.
insta: Souldujour
Whatsapp: 07957601388

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Profile : Soul Du Jour

Shawn grew up in south london and is heavily influenced by the early explosion of UK Soul back in the 80’s.
Soul 2 Soul and Caron Weeler were at there peak …

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