From Brixton to Croydon to Stardorm

Every now and then a ‘Feel Good’ story comes our way leaving us proud and warm -This is such a story

Angel Towns original Roger ‘Pod’ Samuels, managed to get the whole nation behind him and also a little teary eyed when ‘Whatsapps’ worse kept secret performed live on ITV Voice with his family entourage consisting of eight children and darlin wife.

the voice judges The Samuels Family

Emotions where high from the start, as we were nervously introduced to Roger for the first time a pastor whom now lives in Croydon.. There were shots with him and his family performing vocal games in the park, cut backs to shots of him in his church. Roger was coming across just as we know and love him – Bubbly and loving

It was no surprise that he was about to appear on the show, as we along with everyone else, received a whatsapp message telling us to tune in.

Those who were able to keep a dry eye during the first warm up introduction, were about to be tested a second time with a performance overflowing with passion and belief. This one was undeniably born from years of opportunity missed and a last chance grabbed by both god inspired hands

Watch the full performance below, but for now we will be keeping an eye on your journey Mr Samuels – LightningRadio Salutes You!

Roger Samuels' 'Footprints In The Sand' | Blind Auditions | The Voice UK 2019